Signs of abuse, be vigilant

None of us is immune to this. …. noticing the signs of a vulnerable person being abused.

I feel that social media is bringing so much atrocities out in the open…. we are made aware of the secret that goes on in many places we assume to be safe places e.g…  homes… institutions etc.

There are many types of abuse:

My thinking is that if you are not sexually active with your partner (husband or wife) … then it is safe to say that they are  more than likely sexually active somewhere else (human or animal)… go figure🤔

In terms of young adults (18+)… at a certain age unfortunately…. as God has designed us, the hormones are all over the place… no amount of binding and casting🙏 will halt Gods work…

So as parents👨‍👧‍👦 or guardians👩‍👦‍👦 of yoyng adults👨‍👩‍👦‍👦we have the responsibility of parenting these feelings… thoughts and changes💬🗯💭. We should in the first instance observe our wards …. look 👀for an indication and/or interest your child has shown to their preference..

Key: the chat needs to start at some point. Don’t be afraid… they don’t bite… they are your child …

If they do not indicate any preference or interest… or you have not observed any… or you have ovserved, but have chosen to ignore them… then get ready for the light bulb moment💥…

If they are not actively intercourseing (having sex) with someone…. then your prayers has worked …. and they are instead  actively masturbating….

this in itself is a bigger problem and maybe the genesis in future of the lack of interest/difficulty to engage sexually with their life partners in future… apparently  this happens  because ‘the human brain gets conditioned by repetition…I am no sex therapist…. this is were you go and do some research yourself….

Avoid  sweeping things under the carpet… we all know that nothing is really hidden under the sun… The prisons abroad are gradually filling up with people of African origin that have a habit or fetish of abusing others…. the is no carpet in the abroad… so deal with these issues early…

I know of 2 seperate incidents….. Nigerian families… in the abroad …. whose husband’s  sexually abused… raped … their daughter and a niece…. when both girls were young… as we like to say the young shall grow… well the girls did grow up… as young ladies… and recalled the horror….  needless to say both men are chilling and relaxing in prison with a bleak future ahead…

Indeed it happens in our society… to respectable people of the community… the more respectable people are, … the more likely the risk of offending (don’t quote me)… more likely they are to commit such atrocity…. simply because the respectable position in society makes them immune to questioning… how dear you think a person (man or woman) of their reputation and standing can do such…. what rubbish abomination…

Most…  if not all abuse to children are committed by people they know very well…. we safeguard our children against strangers… but not against uncle’s..  aunts… cousins… house helps… community group members etc etc… i mean how can you safeguard your child against a parent…. indeed the enemy lives within….

Please wake up, be vigilant and aggressive to protect the children in your care… no excuses… you are as guilty as the abuser.

Signs, symptoms and effects of abuse | NSPCC

© Nene O-M

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