FGGC Owerri UK 2018 Winter Ball

So I’m still recovering from attending my alumni annual winter ball… OMG what a fantastic night. What a very long day… it was worth it in the end.

As usual we were sold out… I was the assistant MC on the night.. no nerves actually… not overwhelming… just physically tiring. I definately can’t do this on a regular basis. The programme was

I enjoyed every single bit of the evening. The venue was up some… ample parking space… great facilities and service through out the night.

The idea of the evening is to raise funds to pay school fees for girls whose families are unable to do so.  We created an  awareness of this issue to our guests. Once our accounts are balanced,  we will know the exact funds raised. However, we  recieved new commitments from guests to sponsor an additional 9 girls  💃…..

One thought on “FGGC Owerri UK 2018 Winter Ball

  1. modupeolufunlayo

    This is very laudable. I’m hoping to read a blog soon about your awesome look! You’re a trendsetter 👍🏾


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